Why should you buy your Volkswagen from the 5th Ave vw shop?

You can buy your Volkswagen from anywhere in Calgary or Alberta because you will find many establishments dealing with this German brand. But before you buy from any one of them it will be wise on your part to check them before you make your decision. There are several aspects related to buying VW and a shop has to fulfill all those features to make it worthy for a buyer. The Shop you choose must provide you with all the facilities associated with an automobile such as model availability, financial assistance, repairs and service facilities, availability of genuine spare parts, convenient access and 24 x 7 customer support to have a comprehensive auto deal. Near downtown Calgary you will find the 5th Ave VW shop meeting all these requirements and more if you want to buy your Volkswagen.

Here we will discuss why it would be wiser to choose this shop as the point from where you will buy your vehicle. First of all this shop is an authorized VW dealer and stocks the latest models of the brand in its inventory. It also provides with updates of upcoming models of the same brand regularly to customers. Secondly the company has provided a financial calculator to determine the type of car you can purchase within your financial capabilities and also provide sufficient finance options to buy your car. The repayment options can be chosen by you the same way from calculating it online. So if you are hard up with finance then the shop arranges it for you.

After sales service is the most important point once you have acquired a vehicle, because a car will need proper maintenance regularly and repairs if any untoward incident happens. The fifth avenue auto shop has the best service crew in the vicinity of Calgary because it is trained and certified by VW. The establishment also has 14 fully functional service bays to undertake maintenance of vehicles and all bays are integrated with the latest technology service instruments. Maintenance and repair work for automobiles are carried out by VW experienced technicians and with genuine spare parts sourced from VW. The service staff boasts 10 Red Seals and 3 apprentice technicians to undertake any repairs required by your automobile. The company also has the distinction of earning the best service center from Volkswagen, Canada in the year 2011.

All repairs and replacements are made with genuine spare parts sourced from the manufactures and you can also buy them online by just entering the spare part number in the e-form. The company provides fast online exchange on any request related to their cars and repairs and this is feature is adequately supported an ever alert team customer assistance representative who are ready to service 24 hours.

Another salient feature of the 5th Ave vw shop is it also provide with the choice of buying used VW cars if that is your preference. With so many comprehensive options available at your disposal you don’t need to go anywhere and the center is also easy to access because it is located near downtown Calgary.


The Fifth Avenue Auto Haus Customer Dealing

The fifth avenue auto haus has been considered as an awarded service center for the latest brands of Volkswagen. Herein has been discussed on the details on the overwhelming experience provides by the services center. The professionals working herein are extensively engaged in providing excellent Volkswagen services to people all over the country. They take active interest in the catering to the problems of the current as well as customers who are going to prove valuable in the future. The services provided at fifth ave have been listed herein in brief.


You can get the shuttle services easily by just ordering online on the official website, even if you are residing anywhere within the region of Calgary along with the limits nearly till the Downtown. You will be providing instant as well as an easy access from the sixteenth avenue, and from the memorial as well as near the Deerfoot Trial. You will be provided with spacious amounts of easily accessible space for parking. You can take appointments easily online at any point of the day as the services are available 24×7.The customers are also provided heating indoor services throughout the drive for complete checking of your vehicle.


The company has constructed a comfortable lounge wherein the customers can wait. The waiting lounge is blessed with facilities as a Wi-Fi connection; facility for watching television, a cafeteria has been built in wherein you can take beverages of your choice along with a region for children. There are around 15-20 bays with numerous technicians, including the master technicians for your esteemed classic Volkswagen. You are however, not given surprising services without guarantee for the prices. The most amazing services provided at the fifth avenue auto haus include a complete comprehensive inspection at the forty-two points with additional services.


The customers are given Volkswagen services from the trained and expert technicians as well as advisors who have taken the certification under the factory rules and are 100 percent certified. The latest kinds of equipment are used for diagnosing the faults in the Volkswagen parts. These equipments are available on almost every bay, and thus the time for the repair is doubled manifolds. You are given satisfaction at a range of ninety percent. Surveys have been conducted wherein different customers who have been covered under the warranty as well as without warranty are satisfied with the range of services provided at these auto centers.


You can get the detailed contact information on the website http://www.fifthavenuevw.com/index.htm. The professionals working herein can beat the tough competition existing in the market. The repairing services are available with similar description and original components are used for taking care of any kind of fault in the different parts of your Volkswagen. The complete guarantee for services is provided as it is discussed over the phone. You are also provided with a guarantee for the complete checking-in for the services which have been requested .The repairs are conducted at your satisfaction. You just have to contact the help desk and within a short time period, the professionals will entertain you at your place.